...from JACK of all TRADES!
Here's a very special gift from JACK of all TRADES to you
Download for free:
Shifting Rain (recorded in TheFlat) by JACK of all TRADES
Hope you all enjoy it!
Happy holidays!

from "JACK of all TRADES"!
Come back here on Christmas day for a very special gift from the band!

Sights and sounds from The Secret Cover Show!
Now you can see some pictures and hear the excerpts from June 18'th Secret Cover Show with JACK of all TRADES.
By clicking on the link above you can hear few songs from the sixteen song shortlist that amongst others included "Easy", "The Winner Takes It All", "Let Me Entertain You" and "Tush"...
The presentation will open in a new window!

"JACK" is playing The Secret Cover Show!

Happy 2005 and all the best from the band.
JACK of all TRADES...

Listen and download "The Truth [2K4]"!
Today we launched latest version of "The Truth" simply called [2K4]. The song is originally recorded way back in 2001 and this latest version is mixed and mastered by n'xy
Listen to it and download it (for free) from JACK of all TRADES official download page...

Image gallery from Pannrummet 2004!
Here are the sights from LIVE @ Pannrummet on May 8'th. See picuteres taken during Pannrummet show - maybe you are on one of them!
please wait - gallery takes some time to download
enjoy it...

Saturday, May 8'th: The band would like to thank eveyone who attended live performance @ Pannrummet, in Gotheburg and (as always) being such a great and enthusiastic crowd making this show, another great memory in JACK of all TRADES live history!!!
Sami - Pier - Thomas - Peter - Kent - nxy
stayed tuned for a mulitmedial report, right here...

"Jbox 0.9" released!
While waiting until Saturday, May 8'th JACK of all TRADES performance live @ Pannrummet, in Gotheburg, enjoy Jbox, JACK of all TRADES own jukebox with songs that might be on the saturdays playlist!
Use control buttons to choose between songs... and of course
Welcome to "JACK of all TRADES" 2004 LIVE gig!!!
For details see message bellow...

"JACK of all TRADES" playing LIVE update!
On Saturday, May 8'th JACK of all TRADES will be performing live @ Pannrummet, in Gotheburg.
Click here for instructions how to get to Pannrummet.
Doors will open at 18.00 CET!
Welcome to "JACK of all TRADES" 2004 LIVE gig!!!

"JACK of all TRADES" playing LIVE!
2004 has been a quiet year this far for JACK of all TRADES musically (it has been already quite a year familywise for some of group members - congrats guys!)
...but now we have decided to change music passivity and announce first live gig since last years May performance @ Pannrummet.
So where else to start 2004 live gig season, but at the same place we finished it all - Pannrummet, the place to be on May 8'th!!! Book your calenders and check back here to get more info, music and news about "JACK of all TRADES" 2004 LIVE gig.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! to all of you from JACK of all TRADES.
2003 has been quite a quiet year for "JACK of all TRADES". But... we really hope there will be more action in 2004!
...and we hope you will be there with us to enjoy "JACK of all TRADES" 2004 - Happy New Year!

10'th anniversary of first "JACK of all TRADES" performance from May this year at Pannrummet!
Relive it and relisten it! Right here on Official Cyberplace.
We hope you enjoy it! click on "multimedia\music"!

This month is a 10'th anniversary of first "JACK of all TRADES" live performance and we are celebrating it by giving you the whole new design of "Official Cyberplace"!
The place to be if you like "JACK of all TRADES"! Take a look + surf around!
Still to come: a report on 10'th anniversary concert that took place last week @ Pannrummet. Welcome back next week!!!
JACK of all TRADES Webmaster.

JACK of all Trades. would like to thank all the fans to unforgettable support and performance during yesterdays concert @ Pannrummet in Gothenburg.
...lots more to come from Pannrummet, so stay tuned!

Music page updated!
Now with both Real audio streaming plus mp3 downloads.
Listen to "JACK of all Trades" songs and get prepared for live event on May 9'th 2003!

Live concert date confirmed!
JACK of all Trades! will be performing live their music on May 9'th, 2003.
Place: Pannrummet, Gothenburg.
Time: 19.00 CET
more details coming real soon. check back often for more updates on this show.

Due to a huge demand: for slow connections:
a very special remix of "Outside the window (R-Mix)" in smaller mp3pro format..
Download FREE mp3pro player or Winamp mp3pro plugin (if you don't have one)!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from JACK of all Trades!
"JACK of all Trades" wishes all the best to you and your families...
...and this holiday season we give you an unusual "JACK" gift:
a very special remix of "Outside the window (R-Mix)". Click on the link to listen to mp3 stream.
JACK of all Trades new domain name!
"JACK of all Trades" proudly presents new address to its Official Cyberplace: apart from already known jack.nenad.net Cyberplace can be reached by typing www.jackofalltrades.tk in your favorite browser!!!

JACK of all Trades in studio - The Pictures!
Out of "Flat", we continue with a image files...
Some of the "JACK of all Trades" action caught on camera! See all of it plus more in "Live" section!

JACK of all Trades in studio - beta!
Out of "Flat", we continue with a second prelistening file...
A part of "JACK of all Trades" new song which will not make it to the final release - at least not as the mix you hear now: "PreShift 3.0 (Beta)".
Click here to listen [mp3 stream].

...stay tuned... there's more to come... JACK of all Trades - Flat!

JACK of all Trades in studio - first outtake!
Out of "Flat", and as a result of huge demand (especially from our italian fans), here's the first prelistening file...
A non-edited, non-mixed (raw) version of one of "JACK of all Trades" new songs which will not make it to the final release - working title: "PreShift 2.0".
Click here to listen [mp3 stream].

...stay tuned... there's more to come... JACK of all Trades - Flat!

JACK of all Trades in studio - update!
"Flat" is the working title of the new album, which right now is in the recording process...
There will be some pre-listening material, in demo quality, published in few weeks time, as well as the pictures and scenes (and deleted sounds, that won't make it to the final release) from the working rooms and area. So be patient.

JACK of all Trades in studio!
Four years after releasing "4 songs" JACK of all Trades finally started working on a new album! Some new and some old, but still unreleased, songs are to see the light of day... Reports and much more from new release work, right here on Cyberplace.

Live section updated once again!
Check out "JACK of all Trades LIVE" radioshow
plus all the Sights and some of the Sounds from Pannrummet 2001... Finally in browsers in front of you!!!

Live section updated!
...some things still to come...
plus our newest member... on synth... Peter Hńyrinen!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! to all of you from JACK of all Trades!
We really hope it will be a great year for all of us...

a message from webmaster:
Due to some technicalities there's been problem updating some of our pages... we are working on solution and hoping it won't take too long. Please be patient...
"Pannrummet" report and much more still to come...

JACK of all Trades would like to thank everyone for being part of unforgettable friday night live show at Pannrummet, in Gothenburg.
Raw, plugged and so much live!
Detailed report with all the multimedial stuff from friday night live - coming soon - right here at The X!

Tonight's the night...!
JACK of all Trades are performing raw, live & so very plugged at Pannrummet, in Gothenburg.
Doors are opening at 18:00 CET! Show to start at 19:30 CET!
...there will be surprise for all the hungry people at the bar...
Hope you will join us!
Detailed report and much more from tonights show - right here at The X!

Another performance date confirmed!
JACK of all Trades will be performing raw, live & so very plugged on November 23'rd at Pannrummet, in Gothenburg.
...for more information stay tuned to The X!

Lyrics page updated!
"The Truth" has been added to "Songs still underconstruction" lyrics... Check it out, and find out what's the real truth according to JACK of all Trades.

JACK of all Trades "Heard it on the Radio (September 11'th Tribute)" is StaffPICK of the day at mPulse.com! Today the song reached #1 on mPulse Rock Chart! Help us climbing up the charts by clicking here. Listen or download "Heard it on the radio" here.
We thank You for Your support.

JACK of all Trades releases their first ever release of "Heard it on the radio" as a dedication to peace and tribute to recent events of September 11, 2001.
Listen to audio stream of "Heard it on the radio" or click here to download the mp3 and feel free to share it...

JACK of all Trades would like to express our sincerest regrets and sympathy to everyone who has been touched by the events that unfolded on September 11, 2001.

Unfortunatelly, we have discovered some errors on the site, which includes videosection and our Cyberbook! Therefore you cannot enter our Competition now, but we will prolong the competition as soon as we correct all the errors that are found. Until then, enjoy The Truth.

Tonight JACK of all Trades are performing live @ Bjorko... it's a private enclosed show, but there will surely be updates on The X!

Hope you had/have a great summer... after few long weeks off (for some of us and you they're are still ongoing) the autumn will be quite exciting, we are quite sure about it.

.....In the meantime you can still enjoy "THE TRUTH" JACK of all Trades" latest (pre)release [some mix work needs to be done]...
listen and/or download mp3 or wma file NEW
Recommended (summer) listening at the high volume!

.....and don't forget to sign our Cyberbook. By doing that you will enter the CD giveaway and might win FREE "JACK of all Trades" CD! Good luck!

"THE TRUTH" by JACK of all Trades
"JACK of all Trades" first new release since 2000 and "Factory gates are closing 2000"
It's still only a demo prerelase, some mix work needs to be done, but here it is for you to listen and/or download!
Recommended (summer) listening at the high volume!

This summer (as every) "JACK of all Trades" is giving away FREE CD's!
If you sign "JACK of all Trades" Cyberbook between July 2'nd and 31'st of August with your name and e-mail address, you will automatically enter the draw and have the chance to win one of 3 FREE "JACK of all Trades" CDs.
So why wait!? Sign our Cyberbook now!

THE 2001 SUMMER Party REPORT (the final cut)
"JACK of all Trades" playing live @ Club AvancÚz.
Re-live the live moment with "JACK of all Trades" by viewing the entire multimedial presentation together with a report, pictures and videoclips or click here to view the videoclip of JACK of all Trades performance only...
Coming real soon:
JACK of all Trades Traditional Summer Giveaway!!!
Don't miss it!

WELCOME TO THE SUMMER Party with "JACK of all Trades"
Time and place: friday, 25'th of May 20:30 CET @ Club AvancÚz, Gotheburg
"JACK of all Trades" will be rocking the stage and shaking the room with their greatest hits, newest songs and classic covers...
so, book this (unforgettable) event in your calender right now and join us @ Club AvancÚz on May 25'th... it will be a hard rockin' party...
Do we need to mention it's a free entry? Let's rock!!!

Once again we made it to the nr.1 @ mpulse.com internet charts!
Our latest release "Heard it on the radio/Indian song (1st decade anniversary version)" hit nr.1 only few weeks after its worldwide release.
Thank You for listening and downloading our song and helping us climbing the charts... so, keep on listening...

Welcome to the Spring of the year 2001.....
One spring, exactly 10 years ago, "J A C K of all Trades" entered the rock scene, so we are celebrating our 10'th birthday with a very special [X-tra] release and this months cyberfeature:

Heard it on the radio/Indian song
(1'st decade anniversary version)
Help us climbing the charts by listening/downloading this song (because every click counts)! Thank You!

(some of) 2001 concert dates announced:
25'th May @ Club Avancéz (and more to come...)
For details check out the Cyberplace in near future...